Thursday, 14 January 2010

UK Police Caught Sledging On Riot Shields

From the BBC

Thames Valley Police officers were filmed using riot shields to sledge down a snowy hill while on duty.

Rick Latham filmed the officers on Boars Hill, Oxford, and posted it on You Tube.

Local policing area commander Supt Andrew Murray said the snow had "a habit of bringing out the child in all of us".

He added: "I have spoken to the officers concerned and reminded them in no uncertain terms that tobogganing on duty, on police equipment and at taxpayers' expense is a very bad idea should they wish to progress under my command."

Click on the pic to watch the full video - I, for one, am cheering them on. Nice to see they're human under the

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Dog Senses Earthquake

This dog seemed to sense the North California quake last Saturday seconds before it happened.
I've been in three earthquakes in my life (Two of which I slept through lol) and after watching this vid, I'm going to keep a close eye on my pooch!

Via Neatorama

Sunday, 10 January 2010

The Omnomnomagon

Harbin Ice And Snow Sculpture Festival

It's the 26th annual International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival in the city of Harbin in northeastern China - and while we're here in the UK moaning about how cold it is, the chinese are making these beautiful ice cities and making the most of it!

More stunning pictures over at The Big Picture.