Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Global Players

This is a new sculpture near the Town Hall in Bodman -Ludwigshafen, Southern Germany.
The sculpture, part of a tryptich is full of cartoonish german figures but it is this one panel that has caused a bit of a controversy....

From left to right - Former German Finance Minister Hans Eichel, former Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder, current chancellor Angela Merkel, former Governor of Bavaria Edmond Stoiber and current leader of the Free Democrats Guido Westerwelle.


Squid Girl

Cookie Monster Cup Cakes

My love of Cookie Monster is now edible.......nom nom nom!!!

Via A Welsh View

And you can't just have one cookie monster at a time - so here's another......

Monday, 29 September 2008

Bat Pussy - WTF!!!!!

I am, at this very moment, trawling the interwebs to find me the full version of this!!!
If anyone happens to have a copy (and is willing to admit to it...lol) or knows where I can find it - pleeeeeze let me know!

(via PoeTV)

Lest We Forget

Since we don't get to see our beloved baby in action until next spring I thought I'd put these up just in case we forget about just how many laughs the LHC has given us (so far).

The Paradox Dragon

I've been reading the fantastic PartiallyClips today and, to be honest, I've had a pretty hard time tearing myself away from it!

This is my favourite so far.

Saturday, 27 September 2008

A Day At The Beach

RIP Paul Newman

Full obituary at BBC

Animated Olympics

This wasn't quite what I expected when I clicked 'play' on this title...lol.

Ummm...bit (well, lots) NSFW.
(You have to click the play button a second time after the ads)

Friday, 26 September 2008

S & M Lego

How could I not put these up....lol


'Killing' was an Italian comic series that ran for 62 issues in 1965. It's now being revived by Editor and Comic Creator Mort Todd under the title 'Sadistik: Diabolikal Superkriminal'

And if you don't believe me - check out the Wikipedia entry.

Homage To The Bellagio Fountains

Ever so slightly NSFW

Thursday, 25 September 2008

How To Keep An Idiot Busy


Tuesday, 23 September 2008

More Digital Horror Girls

More digital art from CG artist Yock (Yoshitaka Kawakami).....

Previously featured here.

Virtual Pet Spider

Here's a creepy little website that uses Flash to give you a pretty good (maybe too good) virtual spider to play with.

Pull it's legs or press the space bar to feed it.....hours of fun!!!! *Urgh*

Find it HERE.

Preview Of 'Wario Land' For The Wii

Brilliant preview of the new Wario Land game for the Wii.
If the game matches up to this.....I'll be getting it!

Click the picture to see the preview!

Via A Welsh View

Monday, 22 September 2008

Barack Obama Quits!!!

In the wake of an epic financial meltdown that threatens to derail the U.S. economy for years, Barack Obama announced he was ending his run for President of the United States, declaring to a stunned nation, “Man, this is bullshit.”

In a boisterous and hastily-called press conference, Obama detailed his reasons for the decision. “I was prepared to fight global warming, reform the health care system, repair our crumbling roads, create a 21st century electric grid, find Bin Laden, end the war in Iraq, and bring peace to Israel and the Palestinians. But now you tell me I have to clean up the worst financial mess since the Great Depression too? One that’s going to plunge our economy into a recession for most of my administration while I take the blame? Fuck that. That’s fucking ridiculous. You guys clean up your own shit. I’m outta here.”

See the rest of the story HERE

Sunday, 21 September 2008

Nice Shoes

Sunday Five-A-Side Football.....

.......in your dreams

Friday, 19 September 2008

The Chronophage

Stephen Hawking will return from the CERN collider today to unveil the new clock at Corpus Christi College in Cambridge, England. The unusual clock was designed by inventor John Taylor.

For all its apparent eccentricity, the clock is based on solidly traditional clockwork - unusual in these days of digital electronic clocks. It has taken seven years’ research and construction, incorporates six patented inventions, and is predicted to run for at least 250 years assuming the world lasts that long.

Engineer Stewart Huxley refuses to reveal the secret of its tricks, which include the pendulum occasionally apparently catching and stopping for a heartbeat, and then swinging faster to catch up.

Hadron Collider Delayed

The LHC will be delayed for a while after a magnet failure known as a quench caused around 100 of the super-cooled magnets to heat up by as much as 100c.

This comes the day after scientists at CERN replaced a faulty transformer and will cause the LHC to be offline until at least Monday.

The CERN fire brigade (what a cool job!) were called out as a tonne of liquid helium leaked out into the tunnel.

Read the full story here at the BBC

A Few Piratical Links To Get You In The Mood

Ye Official 'Talk Like A Pirate Day' site.....an' it be a sight to behold.

Here be a list of the 'Pirate Laws'....tho I be suspectin' they ain't the original ones.

If ye be fortunate enough to be partaaaayin' tonight then ye'll be needin' these 'Pirate Chat Up Lines' to impress the local wenches.

And don't ye be forgettin' to raise your rum bottle to the 'Flying Spaghetti Monster' and be salutin' his almightly noodliness..

To broaden ye knowledge of this bountiful day I suggests ye take a visit to 'Neatorama' where be the map of links to take ye to the treasure.

A Double Dose Of Pirate Perfection

Goonies Of The Carribean.

Pirate Babes

Have A Grand Talk Like A Pirate Day

I'll be startin' ye off with a few jests.....

Thursday, 18 September 2008

Mental Floss Wants To Give Away $50,000 In Scholarships

I get quite a few American and Canadian visitors here - so this one's for you.

Over at Mental Floss they have a competition running where they're giving away $50,000 of scholarships if you can write a good enough essay.

"The Contest: In 750 words or less, explain why you (as the most deserving person on the planet) should win a $10,000 prize for tuition/books in the fall of 2009. The contest is open to full-time students pursuing an undergraduate degree at an accredited two-year or four-year college or university in the U.S. or Canada in the fall of 2009. Essays must be original work and should reflect the tone of mental_floss magazine. Winning essays must be truly memorable. They should be easy-to-read, funny, quirky and creative without being pretentious. Just (we hope) like mental_floss magazine. The prizes will be awarded on the overall quality of your essay."

Pop over to their blog page for further details and T&Cs and an entry form.

Monday, 15 September 2008

Rick Wright R.I.P

One of the founding members of Pink Floyd, Rick Wright died today aged 65 after a short battle with cancer.I am fucking mega depressed and going off to listen to ALL of my Pink Floyd albums....

Saturday, 13 September 2008

Lego Minifigures Turn 30

On the 25th August 1978 the first Lego minifigure rolled off the production line.
To celebrate they have produced these classic famous figures........just don't let the kids get their hands on them.

Minifig facts include:
  • They represent the worlds largest population, more than 4 billion of them. that's 3 times larger than China, 12 times larger than the US and 120 times larger than Canada.
  • 3.9 minifigures are sold per second around the world. Thats about 122 million per year.
  • The standard minifigure is four lego bricks tall.
Facts from HERE.
More pics from HERE

For more 30th birthday fun go to GoMinimanGo.

Friday, 12 September 2008

I Lied...Another LHC Post

Couldn't resist these two....

From Pharyngula

Monkey Bath

Stealth Cat

Last Collider Post ....... Honest...

The Large Hadron Collider Webcam.

Click it! You know you want to

Via Cynical-C

Thursday, 11 September 2008

You've Had The LHC...Now The 'Squirrel Smasher'!

A great blogger, PZ Myers, whos blog 'Pharyngula' I would recommend to anyone, has been singing the praises of the latest scientific marvel.

The Evolution Acceleration Research Institute (EARI) announced that the first test of the Giant Animal Smasher (GAS) will begin on December 19, 2008, the 41st anniversary of the premiere of Dr. Dolittle.

Dr. Thomas Malwin, head of the research project, said, "The first test runs will only accelerate microscopic life-forms like bacteria and viruses to high speeds, but theoretically the GAS can handle animals as large as squirrels, hence the squirrel smasher moniker."

Biologists from around the globe hope the GAS will unlock the secrets of the so-called "Darwin particle" that could unlock the secrets to life.

One scientist at CERN, home of the Large Hadron Collider, said, "Biologists are just jealous of all the attention the LHC has been getting. Since they aren't real scientists, they had to come up with this atrocity. Next thing you know the psychologists will build a brain smasher to compete."

Yay! It Worked ..... And We're Still Alive!

Ok - so this wasn't the 'Big One', but it was an incredible step towards our understanding of our Universe. The first particle beam travelled the full length of the LHC successfully.
This is just the beginning.
Dvice has some beautiful images from inside the collider to celebrate.

I don't trust their fail-safes much though......lol

Google got into the spirit of things with a change to their usual logo

And the picture below is available as a T-shirt from Neatorama (mine's in the post as we speak).

I couldn't help but laugh though when a local (to me anyway) voice started the countdown and even paused for a mad scientist laugh just before pushing the button....

And for those who still aren't quite sure how the LHC works, CERN employee Chris Mann has done a great job explaining it all in this video.

I'll be keeping up with any future developements so rest assured you'll know anything as soon as I do! And thanks to the many who sent me new links.