Monday, 19 November 2007

Magnificent Weapons Of The Past

I could be talking about the manservant of the King of Spain (Circa 1780) but I'm not.
This magnificent weapon is a Trebuchet.
(Catapult to you and me.)
I've seen one of these in action at Caerphilly Castle. I also know quite a few people who'd like one of these in their back garden...
...sort out the bloody neighbours cats wouldn't it?
Enjoy then this wonderful man - with his wonderful weapon.

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barry said...

That's brilliant, I made a trebuchet once, it wouldn't throw a piano but it would hurl a breeze block accross the yard. Also made a Spudzooka which would fire a spud about a hundred yards using only the explosive properties of hair spray. I thought it was good but the Military didn't appear that interested.