Thursday, 28 February 2008


Pics of the little German polar bear 'Flocke' meaning 'Snowflake'and a vid from when he was wee.
He's growing up fast.....altogether now....Ahhhh..

Update - thanks to Karen in the comments for correcting my mistake - Knut is the bear in the pics.
Both damn cute though.


Anonymous said...

Snowflake is the little girl polar bear who was rescued from her panic stricken mom when she continuously dropped her in their enclosure. Snowflake appears in the video. Knut is the precious cub Tosca his mom abandoned at Berlin Zoo and he was raised by his beloved Mr. Doerflein, his human mommy. I love Knut so much as do all his fans all over the world. Snowflake has also won my heart and admiration as she is so spunky and flailed her tiny legs and wailed when her mom dropped her continuously and she tried to get her balance although she was weak, helpless and still blind. She has the right stuff and lots of it. She is so precious, but hasn't made a public appearance yet as she can barely crawl. She is as perfect and lovely as a snowflake, so Snowflake is a great name for her. Karen V. Stefanini, Beautiful Back Bay, Boston, MA USA

Anonymous said...

Knut is the cutie who appears in the photos at the top of the page. Snowflake (Flocke) appears in the video. Posted by: Karen V. Stefanini,Beautiful Back Bay,Boston, MA USA