Sunday, 24 August 2008

Beijing Says Goodbye To The Olympics In Style

Two weeks of the most awesome shows of athletic ability have come to an end and right to the last, Beijing didn't let us down.
In what was a fantastic closing ceremony the flag was handed over to London Mayor Boris Johnson (lol) who said
'Sport is coming home. See you in London.'

I am a bit worried about the 2012 Opening Ceremony though.
Are London Buses and Leona Lewis really the best we could do?

Anyway - congratulations go out to all of the athletes (especially the Brits) who made the games one of the best I've seen.


Anonymous said...

Just pray that the Spice Girls don't reform to perform in the opening ceremony of the London Olympics!!!!!!


Mangawitch said...


And now I'm gonna have nightmares!!!

Thanks Yunus. :D