Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Poetry Season BBC

The BBC have got a poetry season at the moment encouraging people to see the best in poetic verse. John Betjeman is by far my favourite - 'Death in Leamington' is the poem that caught me when I was about 6 or 7. I loved the description of the old house showing its decay whilst the servants showed that clinging on to the pride of life. Anyhoo - I did what I do - and scoured the depths of the interwebs for the best poetry and found something I think you'll like - from (click on the link to see more of their work).

The one below is a personal favourite - words by Emily Bronte, art by Ishigo Panda - poster put together by me.


barry said...

I have never read "Death in Leamington" before but glad I have now.

joe bloke said...

Portrait of a Lady by T. S. Eliot tears great gaping holes in my heart every time I read it.

I'm not too sure if the BBC have shown it yet, but there's a great little programme called " Off By Heart ", in which they give a whole load of kids a bunch of poems and ask them to learn one off by heart each. almost over-whelmingly, they plump for Roald Dahl's " Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf." 'Witch, you ain't heard nothing 'til you've heard a big old gang of kids screaming " she whips a pistol from her knickers! " at the top of their lungs. now, THAT's poetry! inspired stuff. I caught it on a preview disc, so like I say I'm not sure if it's been shown yet. if not, make sure you watch it, mate, it's one of the best bits of tv I've seen in yarons.

Mangawitch said...

Betjeman is definately my favourite poet - I love his simplicity.

I just read 'Portait' Joe - definately needs another read...I've never really paid Elliot enough attention.

I've missed the first 'Off by Heart' apparently - gone from one's on Saturday so I'm gonna try and catch it...

Lol - why was poetry never like that when I was a kid?