Saturday, 31 October 2009

What To Watch On Halloween

If you're sitting alone tonight in a big, dark house with no-one but the cat for company then at least you can sit back and enjoy a few old classic movies.

At this link you can watch 10 public domain horror movies all Youtube embedded for your watching convenience just perfect for tonight - or any night.

Nosferatu is of course worth watching but if you really want to be weirded out then try Dr Calgari.

Sweet dreams.......Mwah ha ha ha....


barry said...

Well, I was sitting alone in a big dark house on halloween but the potential for being scared shitless was somewhat dimmed by the fact that I decided to scrape some wallpaper off the walls. True it was very, very old wallpaper and may have been hung by a crazed and bitter old hag who had cursed the very paste it was hung with but somehow it just didn't seem that scary.

joe bloke said...

The Last Man on Earth's pretty good, if you haven't seen it before; certainly better than the Will Smith version, anyway. and M's a great little film.