Thursday, 9 August 2007

Firework Frenzy

I love fireworks - whether it's November 5th, New Year or my birthday - I adore the bangs and the colours and the smell of the gunpowder..
We usually spend Guy Fawkes night standing on the front patio of my Dads house while he and my brother-in-law aim rockets at the chavs at the bus stop's quite a tradition now - every year the chavs turn up in bigger and bigger numbers and the incendiary dodgeball begins!
Bigger and bigger rockets are found every year and the expectation grows from about this time of year onwards..
So in honour of the upcoming display I have put two of my favourite firework vids on here..The first is the infamous Malcolm in the Middle episode....
The second is what we're trying to persuade my brother-in-law to organise for this years festivities...I'll have a video camera ready for if he does.

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