Saturday, 4 October 2008

Japanese Maid Service

Yet another reason why Japan rocks!
In the Akihabara's Refresh Club, for the tiny sum of $25 you can get one of their maids to come and play Wii Fit with you......and yes, they are dressed like the pics.
Their statement says...
"Playing Wii Fit by yourself is lonely. But here, playing along with a maid makes exercising enjoyable"
If you've been living under a rock and don't know what Wii Fit is...then check out the vid.

The wonderful Japanese also have 'Maid Cafes' where you can be served by equally beautiful babes, although there are rules. The following things MUST NOT be done

  • Touching a maids body
  • Asking for a maids phone number
  • Asking for a maids email address
  • Infringing on a maids privacy. Ask what time she gets off work
  • Stalking or persistantly picking up a maid
  • Waiting for her to come in and out or lingering outside the cafe
  • Harming the employees, guests or neighbours of the cafe
  • Taking photos of the maids or the interior or exterior of the cafe
  • Bringing outside food or drink to the cafe
  • Smoking on the stairs outside the cafe
Pfft! These people are no


Bob The Mul said...

"Pfft! These people are no"

*Phew!* Now I don't feel so bad about eating this ham sandwich I made whilst I lurk under your floorboards (yeah that's ME at night). If you don't believe me ask your next door neighbour... oh wait.... maybe I harmed him a bit too much... I'll be waiting for you tonight for some fun...SMOKING ON YOUR STAIRS :)

Mangawitch said...

So that's you is it? Well you can clean up the crumbs next time....and if you're smoking you could at least have the decency to share!