Saturday, 11 October 2008

Ye Olde Shoppe - Frozen In Time

Cool little film about a shop in Lancashire left frozen in time until now.

Click the picture to play. (Viewers outside the UK may not be able to play it - sry :( - cool lil shop though -left closed for around 40 years before a builder found it -shelves, stock, everything!...try the BBC channel on youtube - maybe you'll have some luck.)


joe bloke said...


how's it hanging, 'witch?

Bob The Mul said...

That shop must stink worse than a pair of hobo's undercrackers.

Take the 60s trash to the museum or flog it on eBay; Rip out the fitures and fittings and museum/eBay; now, give the people what they want - Starbucks/Mobile phone accessories shop/Off license..

Bosh, bosh, zoom, zoom, wollop....dosh!

Mangawitch said...

Heya's hanging just fine mate :D

And you cynical...but probably