Tuesday, 2 June 2009

A Little Nonsense Now And Zen

WHILE Bankei was preaching quietly to his followers, his talk was
interrupted by a Shinshu priest who believed in miracles, and
thought salvation came from repeating holy words.

Bankei was unable to go on with his talk, and asked the priest
what he wanted to say.

"The founder of my religion," boasted the priest, "stood on one
shore of a river with a writing brush in his hand. His disciple
stood on the other shore holding a sheet of paper. And the founder
wrote the holy name of Amida onto the paper across the river
through the air. Can you do anything so miraculous?"

"No," said Bankei, "I can do only little miracles. Like: when I am
hungry, I eat; when I am thirsty, I drink; when I am insulted, I

(Picture - taken by me - in my garden)

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