Saturday, 8 September 2007

Final Fantasy Potion - Limited Edition

You all know by now (or should) that I'm a massive Final Fantasy fan (obsessive?) especially FFVII.

This year is the 10th anniversary of its release and to celebrate, Suntory has announced its going to release a limited edition (4.8 milion) canned version of the infamous potion (a carbonated drink that when first released earned the impressive review that 'it tasted like cancer!'. The cans are available for 191 Yen each and each of the 16 features a different character. (Don't worry - I already have a few Japanese contacts ready and waiting outside stores right now!)

This game took me months to play. Four to five hours a day running from town to town - from Sepiroth to the Turks - from Snowboarding at the Golden Saucer to hippying out at Cosmo Canyon. This is the game that lifted RPG's to the next level! This is where I fell in love with Vincent Valentine and where I learned that Japan has vending machines that sell used schoolgirl knickers!!

I've played all the Final Fantasy games now and this one is still the one I reach for when I feel like getting away from it all (hint for those in need of major stress relief - when you get to level 99 just go back to the Midgar Zolem and kick the shit out of HIM for a

So Congrats FFVII for staying the course and may you kick around for another decade at least! And thanks for everything ... lol

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