Friday, 7 September 2007

Friday Night Top Of The Pops

Time for another smattering of sounds on this balmy September night.
Summers almost over and despite the fucked up climate the leaves are changing colour and the birdsong is subtley changing.
So sit back, relax and enjoy a few minutes of some classic 60's sounds.
For your listening pleasure tonight we have - The Rolling Stones with Paint it Black - The Turtles with Happy Together - and Lovin Spoonful with Daydream (Forgive me but John Sebastian is one of the most underrated icons of the decade).
(God, It's good to be back!)


Barry said...

Hey, welcome back. I forgot that Mick Jagger didn't have wrinkles once. Barry.

Mangawitch said...

Glad to BE back Barry - there were times I thought I wouldn't make it, but there are people out there who rely on me goddammit!!!!!!!

Thanks for stickin' round - MW