Wednesday, 19 September 2007

It Finally Be Here

Har, me hearties. The hour has finally come. We be speakin like a pirate this day an any landlubbin soul who be found not talking pirate shall be hung from the mainbrace an afterwards shall surely be keelhauled.

There be rum an saltbiscuits enough for all the crew and entertainment aplenty as we gather up the wenches and make em walk the plank.

I be hopin that on this most fine and special day that ye all will be havin your parlez in a rich, rounded privateer manner.

So, without wastin any more of me valuable time, I pay tribute to all ye pirate souls out yonder with a marvellous, nay, wonderful vision of 'Mr Dantes' Skypirate costume.

Via Brass Goggles

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

arrr technicly speakin yer lubber....yer'l wanna angs me fom a yard arm see, as yer actual mainbrace is yer rum rations, but wee'll see ow she rises when we puts er about an makes no mistakes me arties, we'll rips ahht yer gizzards and thumps yer withs a marlinspike.