Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Classic Hammer Horror And Carry On From The Royal Mail

Due to be released on Tuesday 10th June 2008 this set of stamps from the Royal Mail celebrates the 50th anniversary of the release of the classic 'Hammer Horror' and 'Carry On' films.
The First Class stamp features Carry on Sergeant. For 48p you get Dracula. 50p will buy you Carry on Cleo. 56p is the Curse Of Frankenstein. Carry on Screaming comes in at 72p and last but not least is The Mummy at 81p.
There's a brilliant fun gadget at the Royal Mail website which allows you to magnify the stamps and see them in glorious Technicoloured detail.
I haven't collected any stamps since I was about 12 - but, as a massive Hammer films fan I think I'll make an exception for these.....

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