Wednesday, 11 June 2008

A Message To Those Who Know Me

Update: My space is back - yay!

Seems I posted some pics of second life avatars doing naughty things and Livespace took offence *sheesh* Sorted now though

Thanks for your support.


It seems my 'Livespace' has gone missing....anyone on my friends list will notice I'm showing up as 'no name' and my space is coming up as 'temporarily unavailable'.

I've been in touch with Microsoft about this and I'm waiting for their answer - so don't panic (yet) I will be back!!

I'm hoping it's just got something to do with the high traffic numbers I've been getting lately and the multiple RSS feeds - but who knows...

....bear with me - I shouldn't be gone long..


barry said...

Hmmm, did notice that you had gone, hope it's not one of those code of conduct things, they took you off before I seem to remember.

Mangawitch said...

I've never been taken off before - they asked me to remove some pics about a year back (which I did) but this time I've had nothing - no email warning - no email to say I've broken any rules....and no bleedin answer as yet!!!

But be assured - even if I have to start the thing from scratch - I'll be back soon :D

Anonymous said...

nearly had a heart attack.
thought you'd done a god on us.