Sunday, 15 June 2008

Welsh Weekend - Trooping the Colour

Thousands of people turned out in London this Saturday for this years Trooping the Colour.
Traditionally part of the millitarys preparation for battle, it was announce in 1748 that it would also be held to mark the sovereigns official birthday (Her Maj actually turned 82 on the 21st April).
The Colour (or flag) this year was that of the 1st Battalion Welsh Guards. The Queen inspected 1,100 troops most of which were dressed in traditional bearskin and red tunics. Among them were members of the Welsh Gaurds, Scots Gaurds, Grenadier Gaurds and the Coldstream Gaurds.
After the ceremony there was one of the biggest flypasts in recent years to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the RAF. The flypast involved 55 aircraft including a Nimrod, a 68 year old Spitfire and the RAFs latest aircraft - The Typhoon.

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