Monday, 22 September 2008

Barack Obama Quits!!!

In the wake of an epic financial meltdown that threatens to derail the U.S. economy for years, Barack Obama announced he was ending his run for President of the United States, declaring to a stunned nation, “Man, this is bullshit.”

In a boisterous and hastily-called press conference, Obama detailed his reasons for the decision. “I was prepared to fight global warming, reform the health care system, repair our crumbling roads, create a 21st century electric grid, find Bin Laden, end the war in Iraq, and bring peace to Israel and the Palestinians. But now you tell me I have to clean up the worst financial mess since the Great Depression too? One that’s going to plunge our economy into a recession for most of my administration while I take the blame? Fuck that. That’s fucking ridiculous. You guys clean up your own shit. I’m outta here.”

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Anonymous said...

if this is true then the yanks have had a lucky escape.
unfortunately for them though it is out of the frying pan into the fire


barry said...

Brilliant, I am hoping that Obama wins the presidency, mainly because I don't really know what he will be like wheras we know for sure that McCain and his gun toting creationist side kick will be a disaster.

Mangawitch said...

I don't particularly trust either of them (mainly because they're politicians) but the thought of having Sarah Palin anywhere near the Whitehouse terrifies me!!