Saturday, 13 September 2008

Lego Minifigures Turn 30

On the 25th August 1978 the first Lego minifigure rolled off the production line.
To celebrate they have produced these classic famous figures........just don't let the kids get their hands on them.

Minifig facts include:
  • They represent the worlds largest population, more than 4 billion of them. that's 3 times larger than China, 12 times larger than the US and 120 times larger than Canada.
  • 3.9 minifigures are sold per second around the world. Thats about 122 million per year.
  • The standard minifigure is four lego bricks tall.
Facts from HERE.
More pics from HERE

For more 30th birthday fun go to GoMinimanGo.

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