Thursday, 11 September 2008

Yay! It Worked ..... And We're Still Alive!

Ok - so this wasn't the 'Big One', but it was an incredible step towards our understanding of our Universe. The first particle beam travelled the full length of the LHC successfully.
This is just the beginning.
Dvice has some beautiful images from inside the collider to celebrate.

I don't trust their fail-safes much

Google got into the spirit of things with a change to their usual logo

And the picture below is available as a T-shirt from Neatorama (mine's in the post as we speak).

I couldn't help but laugh though when a local (to me anyway) voice started the countdown and even paused for a mad scientist laugh just before pushing the button....

And for those who still aren't quite sure how the LHC works, CERN employee Chris Mann has done a great job explaining it all in this video.

I'll be keeping up with any future developements so rest assured you'll know anything as soon as I do! And thanks to the many who sent me new links.


joe bloke said...

yeah, the countdown had me a-chuckling away to meself, too. and i got to admit: i was really looking forward to the end of the world, too. imagine how groovy THAT would've been. . .

Mangawitch said...

I was looking forward to the strangelets - I had a buffet laid out an everything!