Sunday, 21 October 2007

Evil Monkey!

In a freak event, the Deputy Mayor of Dehli has been killed by a gang of marauding monkeys.

SS Bajwa died from serious head injuries after falling from his balcony whilst fighting off a group of Rhesus Macaques.

The city has been plagued by the monkeys and last year the government demanded that a solution be found. Langur monkeys, which are larger and more vicious than the macaques have been let loose in the hope that they will chase the smaller ones away. Monkey catchers are also employed to round them up and release them in the jungle.

Culling is not seen as an option in the hindu city as the monkeys are revered as the manifestation of the god 'Hanuman'.

Urban developement has been blamed for destroying the monkeys natural habitat.

SS Bajwa leaves a wife and a son.


barry said...

Wow - thats tragic. Glad there are no monkeys round here, mind you I don't have a balcony so the effects of any attack would be less devastating. Barry

Mangawitch said...

You've seen planet of the apes haven't you!?

This is just the