Monday, 29 October 2007

Japanese Ultimate Fetish..

Well - Japanese schoolgirls torturing a male classmate by repeatedly farting in his face is apparently just too much for youtube to handle - so -
as a replacement -
Japanese Ultimate Fetish - 2

This should cheer you up on a Monday night!


barry said...

Must have been good cos it's gone!

Mangawitch said...

It was bloody good - pity...hope you like the new

Anonymous said...

blimey, couldn't watch it all
far to painful
wincing gives you a headache

barry said...

That was fascinating, I watched it right through, wincing slightly, eyes watering a little - just what is going on there???

Darren said...

Crazys fuckers those japs, personally i love asian girls thats why my wifes asian, altho i can assure you theres none of that going on in the bedroom lol,

Is it possible for a guy to take that much pain in that area without passing out ?