Monday, 15 October 2007

This Little Piggy...

Get a load of these little fellas!
Didn't I promise you cute - and if you can think of anything cuter than this then please submit it. Cos I don't think you're gonna be able to.

These miniature piggies are bred at Pennywell Farm in Devon.
They're a variant of the Kune Kune breed from New Zealand and have been bred down in size to make the perfect pet.

They're easily house trained and have a good natured temprement.
An adult will weigh in at just 70kg and they're selling for £150 each.
(Jonathan Ross already has two.)

I think I want one to go with my ducks! Maybe two....

....or three.


Anonymous said...

sounds like your trying to sell them to me.
but yes they are cute.

Mangawitch said...

Go on - I'll do ya 2 for £
And you can pick what colour you want.