Friday, 26 October 2007

Klara And Edda Belly Dancing - Finally Uncensored

I've followed this story on my other blog from the very start.

Finally today the picture was passed as 'decent'

Kerrie Bell, head of the CPS Northumbria South Unit, said: "In order to prove that the photograph is indecent we must be satisfied that contemporary standards of propriety are so different now to what they were in 2001, that it is more likely than not that a court will conclude that the photograph is indecent.
"I am not satisfied that is the case.
"Even if the photograph was now considered to be indecent, a defendant would be able to raise a legitimate defence, given that the photograph was distributed for the purposes of display in a contemporary art gallery after having been deemed not to be indecent by the earlier investigation.
"Accordingly, I am of the opinion that the evidence is insufficient to justify proceedings for offences of possession or distribution of an indecent photograph."

Common sense wins through and a beautiful picture of two sweet children can be viewed with the innocence intended.

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